Mini Twenty Fourteen is Live in the Museum of Block Art

I wanted to learn more about block building in Gutenberg and tested myself with recreating a classic WordPress theme, Twenty Fourteen. I decided to submit my work to the Museum of Block Art, and it was accepted!

You can check out my entry in the gallery.

This was a ton of fun to do. I think I’d like to try recreating a few more classic block themes but as actual themes, not just a miniature version.

When I started in WordPress, my first few themes I grew to know and love were Pinboard, Hemingway, and Hitchcock. I’ve already started on some work I plan to share soon with recreating Hitchcock. Full page image backgrounds and headers with full images and header navigation overlaid on top of the image are tricky with Gutenberg, but I’ve figured some tricks out.

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Do you have a classic theme you’d like to see recreated as a block theme? Let me know in the comments.


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