Some changes coming soon

A recent update seems to have messed with my blog card design. I just can’t get figure out why the editor view of my query loop looks perfect while the front end looks totally borked.

Well, I’ll take this as an opportunity to update my theme. If you follow my blog, which I know there’s not many of you 🤣, you might remember I built this site by recreating the default Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme.

I want to build a new theme and test out some of the latest features of the block editor. There are more design features I know I can leverage, and I always like to refresh things a bit. Might as well have fun.

The question is which theme to rebuild next. For some weird reason, I really like the Twenty Fourteen theme. It’s a classic if you ask me, and I think it could be modernized as a block theme. Should I tackle Twenty Fourteen, or is there another classic default theme that deserves a block theme update? Let me know in the comments.

More Content Coming

Speaking of changes, I think it’s time I bring more diverse comment to the site. I tabbed this site as mostly WordPress and block related content, but I think my blog deserves more of my stuff.

I have a catalog of woodworking projects, explorations in cooking, academic and creative writing, and some nature (amateur) photography that needs a home. My hope is to bring more personality to this blog and make it more than just about WordPress. Don’t worry, there will still be a heavy dose of content about my favorite website builder and publishing platform. I just think it’s time I actually started using it more to publish stuff.

Subscribe to get updates. I post stuff, sometimes. So you won’t be overwhelmed or spammed. I might even dabble in some video or podcasting, maybe even some premium content. We’ll see.

Oh, and check out this amazing blog I help produce! More on this one in a future post, something you parents won’t want to miss.


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